About Komessa

“Come Eat!” Two small words that invite us to enjoy so much. It is an invitation to pause, to be nourished, to be refreshed, to be thankful, and to enjoy a piece of life with others. Kom Essa, or more accurately spelled “Kumm Esse,” is Pennsylvania Dutch and a phrase deeply woven into the tapestry of my life. It was spoken to me as a child by my grandmother and I have been fortunate enough to say that every time I answered the call, there were warm memories to follow.

Our lives are busy. The expectations set by others and ourselves are sometimes overwhelming. So distant are those warm memories of being called to pause during my day to be nourished. Now even the call to eat has become another rushed demand tacked onto my to-do list. It is at times one filled with such angst over making the right choice, making sure it’s affordable and making sure it fits into my demanding schedule,  that the idea of it being enjoyed never even crosses my mind.

So here we are, longing for more with the demands of life nipping at our heels. But I have never been one to settle for the status quo and don’t  think for a second I would let you either! In the midst of the chaos, there is hope!  This space is solely for you. This space is for you to rediscover and reclaim what is yours – the gift of food. How do we achieve our goals and still enjoy this journey? Come with me and find out, you’re not alone.

“Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see – how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him.” – Psalm 34: 8 ( The MSG)



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