Easy Fall Vegan Cauliflower Soup

Because life is busy it is more important than ever to have easy meals to make. We often forget though that being able get through those busy seasons also means taking care of our bodies. Any mama’s out there!? You know just what I’m saying. You also know it’s something we all struggle with daily. I know you eat the the left overs off your kids plates just like I do! This recipe comes from America’s Test Kitchen. It is one of my absolute fall favorites. The reason I love America’s Test Kitchen is because they test every recipe using food science to get the absolute BEST results! The original recipe is not vegan although it does not use any broth or cream! The only modification you need to make to ensure your soup is vegan is to substitute the butter for your choice of oil. I would recommend something simple like olive oil. If you have another creative idea please share in the comments below! I certainly don’t have time in this season of life to create my own recipes but the least I can do is share the best ones I find here with you!

Here are a few tips:

If you can wash and cut your cauliflower the night before, when it comes time to make the soup it will be so much easier! It’s already easy but lets be honest every little bit helps!  I would also double the recipe to have some leftovers for the next few days or even to freeze for later.

I hope by me sharing my favorite found recipes with you it allows you to get back to the basics of enjoying the little things in life. So that you have more time to enjoy simple yet richly nourishing meals with the people you love the most.


Happy Fall!