It’s Never Too Late


It’s never too late to finish what you started. At the very least, in the end it will speak volumes about your integrity and character. Whether it be your journey to becoming healthy or… finishing a blog post you stared months  years …ago… 😁

That being said, here I am three and a half months  three years after my last post! Over the past few months years I’ve spent a lot of time “figuring my self out”and learning what it takes to be a mama to three!

If any of you are on my Facebook account you will have seen my “No Makeup Monday” posts. I came to realize that those posts really had little to do with makeup or the lack there of. Rather they had much more to do with the condition of the heart in regards to one’s self. In other words, a sense of self worth or, the lack there of.

We all have areas of our hearts that are well hidden from people around us; even those we love the most. We manage our homes, our schedules and our work projects like a boss so from the outside we seem confident and capable. However, those areas that are hidden, whether on purpose or at times we are just unaware of them, are not  not contributing to our success and are slowing us down, whether or not we are aware of it.

What I’m getting at here is over the past several years I’ve identified some things that I believe about myself and the world I live in that determine whether or not I will “succeed”.  It’s important to take time to reflect and deal with those areas so we can become more whole and thus be more successful in reaching our goals.

Whatever the lie is that you believe- identify it, learn the truth, the truth will set you free, when you are free you are able to fully pursue your goals and ambitions with out hesitation or fear. Thus reaching your optimal potential and becoming more successful in all that you do. Start by pin pointing some thoughts that you have on a regular basis that really weigh you down. Then dig into them a little bit, why do they weigh you down, where are they coming from, are they true?

The things we believe whether good or bad shape the landscape of our lives and tell us what is possible and what is not. Start thinking the best things and all sorts of things will become possible for you. I’ve found this true regarding professional pursuits as well as at home with my children.

Consider taking some time to think about what it is you believe and why and most importantly what the truth is. get together with a trustworthy friend and get their perspective on what is true about you. Once you know the truth, run head first into those goals that have long been put on hold.

You are more capable, more valuable and more loved than you probably will ever realize. Don’t let little lies steal the life you were meant to live. Take back the territory of your mind and heart and live free and live happy.






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