Setting Goals and Achieving Them

imageEarlier this month I shared 3 Keys to Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

  • Determine your why
  • Make it manageable
  • When bite size goals turn into a heaping plate, remember that each individual success impacts the next

I hope you are finding those tips helpful! Today I’d like to briefly discuss the topic of setting goals and being successful at achieving them. Setting a goal is simple but it’s the fine tuning that leads to success! 

Your objective is the big picture.  Your goals are the steps you take to help you accomplish that objective. Here’s an example for you,

Objective:  Lose 20 pounds and to be able to wear my bikini by July 4th

     Goal #1: Lose 1 pound per week by cutting out one soda a day

     Goal #2: Walk 15 minutes a day to help lose 1 pound per week

A goal is best achieved when it is a “SMART” goal; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound!

  • Specific tells you WHAT
  • Measurable tells you HOW MUCH or HOW OFTEN
  • Attainable means it can be done
  • Relevant means it fits in with the rest of your big picture
  • Time-bound means there is a set time frame in which the goal is to be achieved


Set as many goals as you feel comfortable fully committing to each week. If it’s one goal, great! Focus all your effort towards achieving that one goal. It’s not about how many goals you set out to achieve, it’s about following through with the ones you commit to. 




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